FAQ about Home Care Programme

  1. Is Hospice Care the same as Palliative Care?
    Yes.  Both terms are used interchangeably but in practice Hospice Care is one form of Palliative Care.  Palliative Care can be offered any time in the course of an illness along with curative therapies meant to prolong life, whereas Hospice Care is designed for patients with a terminal illness and life expectancy of six months or less.
  2. Who are Palliative Care Nurses?
    They are specialist nurses trained to provide palliative care.  They are skilled in pain and symptom control and are able to give advice on medication and nursing care.
  3. Do you have doctors in the Home Care Team?
    Yes, the Home Care Team has a Medical Director and a number of volunteer doctors.  Consultation and home visit by doctors are by appointment only.
  4. Does the Home Care Team provide 24 hours service?
    No.  Apart from the regular working hours, there is a nurse on call after working hours including weekends and public holidays.  The Palliative Care Nurse only receives calls from registered patients in the Home Care Programme.
  5. Does PPCS provide in-patient facilities?
    No.  However, patients may wish to admit at the Palliative Care Unit of Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh for in-patient care.
  6. Does PPCS look after patients with all forms of incurable disease?
    No.  Currently, the Home Care Programme is for cancer patients only.
  7. Must a patient be referred to PPCS by a doctor?
    No.  Patient’s family members can request for the service. But it is preferable that his/her doctors gives a referral letter.
  8. Can a patient request for discharge from the Home Care programme?
    Yes, the patient or his cargiver can request for a ischarge anytime they wish.  The patient cn be readmitted whenever the need arises.
  9. Will a patient’s own doctor(s) be allowed to look after the patient after his admission to PPCS?
    Yes, PPCS welcomes a close working relationship with the doctor of patients in securing the best possible care for them.
  10. What about patients currently undergoing active anti-cancer treatment? Can they be admitted to the Home Care Programme?

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