Home Care Service

Home Care Service

Home Care Service

To qualify for our service, the patient has to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The patient has advanced cancer.
  • The patient and family request for this support service, preferably with doctor’s referral letter. Download sample Doctor’s Referral Letter.
  • The patient has a care-giver at home.
  • The patient lives within 20km of the PPCS office.

Following a Request for Service, our nurse will make contact and arrange a visit.

  • The first visit covers official registration, clerking, assessment and discussion with the patient and caregiver/family in planning care.
  • Once registered, the patient is assigned a nurse who will make subsequent contact with telephone calls and home visits. The frequency of contact with the nurse, the palliative care doctor and other members of the Home Care Team depends on individual needs.

The aim of the home care team is to ensure that the patient is made as comfortable as possible so that their quality of life is enhanced.

Download form to Request employment as Palliative Care Nurse (pdf, 7 KB)

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